From our BAGSY Founder


BAGSY was born on a thought from God, a prompt, an unction in my spirit. My life was radically transformed by Jesus in 2013. I have been led by Him ever since.
I knew I would be in ministry, and I knew it would be outside of my church walls. Since beginning BAGSY, I have seen three ladies born again, one filled with the Holy Spirit, and I have had the opportunity to pray for many, many women. God has taken my hand and led me, step by step in this BAGSY journey, and I’m so thankful He’s orchestrated my path through one of my passions, that is fashion. I adore helping people to find, understand and feel their individual beauty. The bricks & mortar season of BAGSY was so enjoyable, making authentic friendships, laughing with, crying with, and loving on people.

While BAGSY has moved online, it’s very core is still love, so we will still be community heavy! With that in mind, don’t forget to subscribe to our emails, and find us on Facebook and Instagram!

Aimee's Testimony

A bit more about Bagsy

What is BAGSY?

BAGSY is new and pre-loved clothing store.
We select “pieces”, always unique and interesting items.

What makes us different to most online stores?

BAGSY is and will always be community based! We love our friend-customers!
We operate as a regular online store, with the perks of a local business. For example, if you’re local, you do not need to pay for shipping, simply collect from our BAGSY Hub in Red Deer.

our values


“We know it so well, we’ve embraced it heart and soul, this love that comes from God.”
1 John 4:13-16 MSG

our values


"Go ahead, build your career and give yourself to your work. But if you put me first, you’ll see your family built up!"

Proverbs 24:27 TPT

our values


"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms."

1 Peter 4:10 NIV